Fly LegsUp for Adults $69.95

+ Postage

Our Fly LegsUp for Adults pack, includes:

- Our patented Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

- 1 small pillow and 1 large pillow

- Travel bag

- Adults instruction sheet with suggested positions

It’s a tool to help you sleep and relax on long haul flights. It’s adaptable, easy to use, weighs less than 500g and washable!

Its versatile design accommodates for the differences in people and airline seats. It's a tool to help make your long haul economy flights more comfortable! 

How it works:

- Easily attaches to the arms of your tray table

- Creates a ‘sling’ which supports your feet and legs

- Includes cushions to add to the comfort and support (no pump required)

- Can be repositioned in multiple ways

There are many ways to use it and how you set it up will depend on exploring how best to get comfortable. Fly LegsUp will support you all the way whether you are a side sleeper, prefer your knees up or legs extended.

You can change the shape of the hammock, move the pillows around and vary their inflation and on most airlines you can adjust the height of the straps to a high or low position. We encourage you to explore and experiment to find what suits you best and make the best use of the space available to you.

Note: The Flight Hammock is NOT to be used during taxi, take-off and landing. We recommend that you continue to wear a seatbelt whilst using the hammock.

**Please be aware that use of our product (and any product onboard) is at the discretion of the cabin crew on the day. Whilst we cannot guarantee the use of our product on every single flight, in our experience, it is unusual to be told you cannot use the hammock**

Have any questions? Head to our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.