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Fly LegsUp

Fly LegsUp - My Flight Hammock

Fly LegsUp - My Flight Hammock

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Our new and improved flight hammock! After the success of the original Fly LegsUp we designed the Fly LegsUp My Flight Hammock to ensure that it does not need to be attached to the seat in front, meaning you don't bother the person in the seat in front of you, and you can use it on any seat on the plane - including bulkhead seats!

Embark on family adventures with unparalleled ease and comfort using the Fly LegsUp My Flight Hammock, a game-changer for traveling mothers. Designed to cater specifically to the needs of you and your little ones, this innovative travel essential ensures that long journeys with small children are filled with peaceful sleep and joyful play.

Older children and adults can use their hammock as an adaptable leg rest for optimal comfort on your travels.

It's our pledge to enhance your travel experiences, making them as comfortable and worry-free as possible. Learn more about our commitment to you and your family via our product guarantee here.

Light as a feather, the Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock pack weighs under 1.5 pounds (670 grams) and is thoughtfully designed to include:

  • Self standing - no attaching to the seat in front. Use in Economy, Bulkhead or Premium Economy seats.
  • One easy-to-use, non-slip stand/base, ensuring stability
  • A set of comfy pillows (1 Small and 2 Large) for the perfect snuggle
  • Our patented, soft fabric hammock, gentle on your child's skin
  • An instruction sheet with creative, kid-friendly positioning suggestions

This travel must-have is not just for children; it's a versatile companion for the whole family. Whether it's providing a cozy flatbed for your child's naptime, a playful area for your toddler, or a comfortable leg rest for yourself, the Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock adapts to the diverse needs of your family. Featuring:

  • A lightweight, easy-to-carry design, perfect for busy moms on the go
  • Durable, washable material, ready for all the spills and thrills of travel
  • Compact, easy-to-pack size that fits in your carry-on
  • Simple setup for a stress-free travel experience
  • A design that accommodates everyone from children to adults, ensuring comfort for the whole family
  • The ability to create a safe, flat sleeping area for little ones
  • A customisable platform/footrest for older children and adults, promoting restful sleep in various positions

Discover the joy of a more comfortable, restful journey with your children. The Fly LegsUp My Flight Hammock is your family's passport to a serene travel experience, turning every trip into a pleasant memory.

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