Flying long haul with children?

  • Our patented Fly LegsUp for Kids makes flying with children easier and less stressful – it makes the most of the space available in their economy seat
  • The Kids hammock is the same as the adults, but it has an additional Large pillow, to make it more adaptable for children.


Add or remove pillows to change the height

Tuck the tail into the back of the seat so that it will stay in place more readily


Infants and young children

The hammock and the pillows can be arranged into different positions, according to what is required. You can make a flat platform for small children to sleep and play on, just like their bed at home. They have more room to spread out and play and it will also help to stop their toys falling onto the floor and getting lost.


Kids can continue to wear a seat belt whilst using the hammock

It’s just like a bed, so little children can curl up and go to sleep




The 3 inflatable pillows

can be arranged to make

different formations


Your child's favourite pillow makes it just like their cot at home!

The hammock acts as a barrier so no more losing toys on the plane!

Tip: If your child is small enough to lie completely flat, it's a good idea to bring their favourite small pillow from home to lie their head on (or use the supplied airline pillow), as some airline seats slope slightly down towards the back of the chair and this will level it out, for a more comfortable and cosy sleep.


Older children

Older children can use the hammock to support their feet and legs. The inflatable pillows can be moved around to make different positions achievable.


The pillows can be moved around and their inflation varied from firm to soft and squishy!


Ready for sleep... her head is resting on a Large pillow, ½ inflated. The other 2 pillows are in the hammock and are very softly inflated.

Lie a Large pillow flat onto the base of the hammock and one pillow to the side. This position allows children to relax and sleep on their side.


One of the Large pillows, very softly inflated, is slanted downwards into the hammock to make a recliner chair effect.


Tip: When older children want to go to sleep they can use one of the Large pillows (inflated 1/2 or less), as a headrest.



Experimenting is key - The Fly LegsUp is a tool to get comfortable!



Note: Children should be supervised by an adult at all times and wear a seatbelt during the flight -


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Little Man - 3 Years old

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The hammock is a comfort aid, designed to support your child's legs and feet for sleep and play when they fly.

  • It is very adaptable and moving the pillows around changes the way you can use the hammock
  • Make a flat surface for young children or a recliner for the older child
  • Move the pillows into different positions, sideways, sloping, stacked etc.
  • Change the inflation of the pillows from firm to soft and squishy
  • The large pillow (1/2 inflated) makes a good headrest for sleeping
  • Make use of the pillow the airlines provide

Many of the adult positions will also suit older children, for more information you can go to our website

*Ensure when you book your child’s seat that you have a seat in front of you (not a blank wall) as you need a dropdown tray table to attach the hammock.

Please refer to Seat Guru website to check that your seat will be suitable, or you can also ask your travel agent.

Attaching the hammock to the tray table


It is important (and much easier) to attach the hammock BEFORE the person in front reclines their seat. The hammock can then easily be pushed into the magazine pouch out of the way, until you want to inflate the pillows and use it. For use during cruise flight only. Not to be used during takeoff and landing.


1. Recline your childs seat back and remove their shoes

2. Lower the tray table

3. Hold the hammock by the front, where it says THIS SIDE UP

4. Locate & open LEFT straps

5. Push hammock down between the back of the seat and the tray table

6. Put the X on top of the left arm of the tray table

7. Re-attach the straps, onto the matching black and white velcro strips on the side of the bag

8. Follow the silver strip of fabric to the right to locate the RIGHT straps

9. Attach the RIGHT straps in the same way to the right arm of the tray table

10. Set the straps HIGH on the arms of the tray table (as shown in photos below)

11. Then lock the tray table back into place

12. Spread the TAIL on the seat as shown below

13. Inflate the number of pillows required according to the height needed, and stack them into the bottom of the hammock. Now you can adapt and experiment.

In the case of very steep tray table arms

Some aircraft have tray table arms with a very steep angle and the straps will slide down. This means the hammock will be too low.

To compensate you can attach the straps to the horizontal bar that runs behind the tray table. You may need to pull the tray table towards you to expose the bar.

DO NOT use the hammock with the child's head under the tray table (head pointing towards the front of the plane) as in some airlines, when the chair in front is suddenly reclined, it may come back further than expected and contact the child's head. Also the seatbelt which we recommend you use in case of sudden turbulance, may not be as secure in this position.

Note: Children should be supervised by an adult and wear a seat belt at all times.