About Us

We are an Australian company (mother and two daughters), who come from a family long associated with commercial airlines and which has produced six pilots and a flight attendant so far!

Having flown extensively to visit family in the UK, Jenny (the creator of Fly LegsUp) found it a grueling experience. On one particular flight Jenny was so desperate to get her feet and legs up so she could sleep on her side, that she used a travel sewing kit to create a crude sling from a torn up pillow case.

An idea was born and many prototypes followed.

Technical advice was sought from an aviation engineer, an industrial designer and a talented and long-suffering seamstress, produced the trial hammocks.

Many hours of testing were carried out in our garage with friends and family using retired airline seats and on real time flights.

The result is a 'tool' that can be adapted to suit all age groups and allows you to raise your feet and legs into many different positions, so that flying economy is a less uncomfortable and taxing experience.

We hope you find that the hammock helps you when you fly long haul and would love to get your feedback!

Best wishes,

Jenny & the Fly LegsUp team