About Us

With six international pilots, a flight attendant, and keen travellers in our family, we are proud to have produced the world’s first Flight Hammock, that is so adaptable it can be used by babies through to adults to make long flights more comfortable.

Having flown extensively abroad to visit family Jenny, the creator of Fly LegsUp, found it a gruelling experience. On a long flight, Jenny was so desperate to elevate her feet and legs to avoid swelling and be able to sleep comfortably on her side, that armed with a sewing kit and pillowcase she started working on the very first prototype.

An idea was born, thousands of feet in the air!

As soon as her feet were back on the ground, Jenny embarked on an intensive research and development process that spanned nearly three years. 

It was a collaborative process and included Aviation Engineers and Industrial Designers in the design process to ensure the hammock met strict aviation specifications for in-flight use.

The original Fly LegsUp launched in early 2016 and it quickly became an essential travel item for both children and adults.

Then, in 2019 Jenny released a new version of Fly LegsUp called ‘My Flight Hammock’ which is freestanding, more adaptable and able to be used on planes, buses, and trains.

My Flight Hammock is accepted by over 60 airlines and complies with IATA (International Aviation Transport Authority) guidelines.

We promise we can make long flights, trains, and bus journeys more comfortable for all ages!