"We actually had to wake him up" - Alison

"We did a night flight and so by the time we boarded he was overtired but also overexcited. Literally like someone had stuck a rocket up his bum, so he basically terrorised us for about 2 hours then he mercifully fell asleep and stayed that way for the rest of the flight which was about 9.5 hours only waking once for milk. We got him his own seat in the middle of us and invested in this contraption that turns the seat into a flat bed called @fly_legsup which was an absolute lifesaver. He slept so well we actually had to wake him up on landing...Deffo recommend a night flight and getting them their own seat...I am genuinely very impressed with this product (Fly LegsUp). My boy is normally a fussy sleeper so I was worried he wouldn’t find it comfortable but he most certainly did!"

- Alison

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