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"They slept for almost the entire flight!" - @kidsinadelaide1

"On a recent trip to Europe with our three young children, I was dreading the flights. We had done a little bit of travel with the kids before, but with all three children our longest flight had been to Perth and the kids had not even looked like settling down to rest on that flight. So I was not looking forward to the 14 hour long haul flight to Europe AT ALL! Being concerned about the children sleeping or resting, I looked into a product that could provide more comfort for them and found Fly LegsUp. We were very excited! This product is like a hammock for the feet and legs. Our eldest children were 4 and 2 years old at the time of travel so we used the kids version. Our first impression was of a small package that would easily fit into our backpack. This included 2 large inflatable pillows and 1 small pillow. Once settled on the plane, we put Fly LegsUp out for the girls and it honestly took maybe 1 minute to inflate the cushions and 3-4 minutes to attach the product. Super quick! Once the hammock was attached and the girls got their pillows and blankets sorted, they were asleep! And they slept for almost the entire flight! On our next, shorter flight, the kids used the hammocks to rest their legs on and play on the ipad, colour in or look at books. It was great! My husband and I actually got to watch some movies and sleep ourselves. So much better than we had anticipated"

- @kidsinadelaide1, full Mummy review here