"These flights were by far the most comfortable" - Stacey, Cathay Pacific

"Thanks for making an awesome product. I really, really don't enjoy flying to the UK from Australia but having your hammocks this time around made such a difference. My husband has a bulged disc in his lower back and everytime we fly to and from the UK he suffers with bad back pain afterwards and has to have some acupuncture to fix it. This time around, after using the hammocks on both journeys, he didn't even have a twinge and we think it was because he was able to elevate his legs...I only wish more airlines, like Qantas and Emirates (who we usually fly with but won't again until they allow the hammocks), allow economy class passengers to use them...The 5 of us just used our leg hammocks on Cathay Pacific Australia to UK return with no problems at all. Being our 8th visit to the UK these flights were by far the most comfortable because of the hammocks. They posed no tripping hazard whatsoever - my children were able to get past the hammocks to get to the toilets as the hammocks swung out of the way when our legs were taken out. I think people's bags, airline pillows and blankets under seats are more of a tripping hazard than these hammocks. Highly recommend!"

- Stacey, flying Cathay Pacific

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