"Slept 8 out of 8.5 hours" - Shannon, Cathay Pacific

"Slept 8 out of 8.5 hours" - Shannon, Cathay Pacific

"Fly LegsUp... you are our hero! Steeli slept 8 out of 8.5 hours home from Hong Kong. Pure bliss!!! ...It was a Cathay Pacific flight, and she was so comfortable we actually had to wake her to land! The best!!

I just wish we could use it on all airlines!! Thanks again! Love it! X.... We fly to Bali 2-3 times per year from Melb and Jetstar always have the better timed flights for bubs and kids, so we usually go with them. Here’s hoping they see some light soon and make flying easier!! Or we may just have to switch over to Garuda!

Congrats again on a fab product! We swear by it and converted quite a few impressed passengers last flight. Hope we can advocate for you again soon"

- Shannon, flying with Cathay Pacific

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