"LOVED it. It was super easy to set up" - Laura (and Mila), Singapore Airlines

"Hi guys, We just used the Kids Fly LegsUp hammock for our 2.5yo on a flight from Melbourne to Singapore with Singapore airlines. Just wanted to let you know we LOVED it. It was super easy to set up once in the air, no one even batted an eye. Once it was in place our toddler was comfortable enough to sleep and stretch out and she didn't cry or complain for the entire 8 hour flight (unheard of!). She was even able to still use her tray table when she was served meals as we only had two pillows inflated. And it definitely did not disturb the person in front of Mila. We will be recommending this to all of our friends who plan to travel!"

- Laura (and Mila), flying Singapore Airlines

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