"In an 8 hour night flight didn't complain once" - Suzanne

"In an 8 hour night flight didn't complain once" - Suzanne

"By the way your product is amazing!! I have just flown from Australia to Singapore with my 2 young children. I can't fly with my legs down as it affects my circulation so I have just had my first ever-comfortable long haul flight!! I'm delighted! I had 2 super snuggly kids and even I got some rest. My kids had their legs straight out (I've bought 3 so far, one for all of us!!!) - and the boys looked as though they were travelling in first class style with their little flat beds and in an 8 hour night flight didn't complain once about being uncomfy!!!!

The people in the seats in front had no idea. Because it's attached to the back of the tray table arms it didn't pull the chair in front at all. Even when the kids wriggled around it didn't do anything.

When the seat in front reclined right back - it didn't make a difference at all!

Another plus for kids...their toys and everything else that would normally end up on the floor ended in the bag so it was super easy to tidy up!! 

The only thing we found were all the people walking past were super envious at how quiet and comfy the kids were!!!

I really am a super big fan of this product. The first thing I told everyone who asked about my holiday was how great the flights were!!I can't recommend your product highly enough, which is why I'm now buying them as gifts!! 

Thanks so much for a great idea!!!!"

- Suzanne (and 2 super snuggly kids)

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