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"I would recommend FLUP in a heartbeat" - Kaitlyn

"I love our Fly LegsUp kit because I have an active flier. Babyface is all over the place, on the chair, over the top, on the floor. With FLUP, I was able to create a space just for him. He played he laughed and eventually he even slept! I'm only 165 cm, so while Babyface was partying and sleeping, I was able to use the second large pillow for my feet because plane seats make my lumbar region ache like crazy, and then I get really bad Restless Leg Syndrome, but being able to keep my feet 6 inches higher made a world of difference to my physical comfort.
And on top of the benefits of the kit itself, when I realized on that flight that one of the pillows had a small leak, I thought, uh oh, I bought this ages ago, no one will take this pillow back now,but the FLUP team was AWESOME; they immediately dispatched another large pillow to me to replace the old one. What amazing customer service, usually with online purchase companies, you go in resigned to failure or prepared for a fight, but FLUP was responsive, kind and helpful. I would recommend FLUP in a heartbeat to anyone who has a baby or kid and has to fly frequently or over long distances, or anyone who like me where flying causes them actual physical discomfort, it's a game changer."

- Kaitlyn