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"I really love my Fly LegsUp" - Michelle, Air NZ

"I have just returned from a direct flight Sydney to Rarotonga and as it was a night flight I took along my much loved Fly LegsUp. We flew Air New Zealand 787-9 plane. The tray tables on these planes have a click in style tray table securing device (please refer to our FAQs page on troubleshooting) rather than the push up table and turn the knob to secure. On our outbound flight we had a very new plane but I found when I installed my Fly LegsUp the catch wouldn't hold the tray table in the up position when I applied any pressure to the sling the tray table would pop undone (I did still use Fly LegsUp with the tray open and could still get comfortable). Fortunately on our return flight this didn't happen. I really love my Fly LegsUp even if I am not sleeping I am knitting on flights and it helps keep everything from running away on me. Thank you so much for your wonderful product"

- Michelle, flying Air New Zealand