"Got some actual sleep! Amazing!" - Emily

"Got some actual sleep! Amazing!" - Emily

"I just did the 24hour trip from Australia to the UK, a trip I always do once or twice a year to see family. I cannot express how much of a difference using the fly legs up hammock made to my comfort!

On the first 14hour leg I slept around 11 hours when usually I get a maximum of 5 or 6 broken up hours. As an ex-professional dancer I am comfortable with my legs up in strange positions and usually am fighting to find a way to be comfortable, from tucking my toes in to the seat pocket to wedging then up against the armrest on the window side. This time I was curled up comfortably for the entire flight and got some actual sleep! Amazing! The second 7 hour leg was also great as I needed to do some study for my exam. I set it up as more of a foot rest so I could use the table and was comfortable the whole time.

Thank you for creating this product. I will be using it on every single flight I have to take in the future!!!"

- Emily

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