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"Pure genius and made this mumma very happy!" - @mummabeats, JAL

"Ok so after getting this a few months ago and not having the opportunity to use it (bulk head seats seem to follow us every time we get on a flight) last night coming back from Japan we FINALLY got to use our @fly_legsup and it was incredible. Generally archer is pretty good on night time flights but he does Toss and turn due to being uncomfortable, but last night he... literally got on the plane... had a bottle and read a book (as per bedtime ritual) and within a few minutes he was out! Travelling solo I managed to set it up one handed (life saviour) and he slept right up until descent when I had to wake him to pack it up (it's almost a 10 hour flight) he didn't even flinch. This is the first flight I've had more then 2 hours broken sleep on and I tell you what... from now on I will ALWAYS be using this. For any parents doing long haul flights / night time flights this is pure genius and made this mumma very happy! Thanks @fly_legsup you have made my life a lot easier"

- @mummabeats, flying JAL