Sleep & relax on flights

Fly LegsUp makes flying in Economy more comfortable

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Turn your child's seat into a bed and make the most of your space!

Suitable for ALL ages!

Fly LegsUp makes Economy more comfortable.

My Flight Hammock is suitable for Economy and beyond!

Both products enabling adults and children, to lift their legs into many different positions supported by small, movable, inflatable pillows. 

Easy to use, compact & fits into a small carry bag. 

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Fly LegsUp for Adults

The ONE model for ALL ages

The Flight Hammock is adaptable & suitable for babies, children & adults! 

How It Works

Health & Wellness in the Air

It aims to improve sleep & comfort, reduce leg swelling, back pain & the risk of DVTs...

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Happy flying

Kids get excited about their new bed on the plane! The hammock allows them to sleep & play more easily...

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Weighs less than 500g, compact, durable, washable, clips onto your hand luggage & easy to use...

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My Flight Hammock on a plane for Kids and Adults