"My travel must have!" - Dana

"My travel must have!" - Dana

"If you are flying in economy, You need to have Fly LegsUp! I am a travel agent / travel addict who is constantly in the air and always searching out new products to make the trip more comfortable for myself as well as my clients who take on my recommendations.

Fly LegsUp is my new absolute must have product, It made every flight so much more comfortable and was better than some premium economy flights I have flown (albeit a little less space). It is super easy to attach to the tray table arms, Inflate the two pillows, Pop your feet in and you're ready to chill out and enjoy the flight whether you're sleeping, eating or watching movies.

I loved having the smaller pillow at the bottom under my feet and the larger one to the side to rest my legs on while I slept or watched movies and then both legs out straight when it was meal time so I could bring the tray table down or if the seat in front reclined.

I was travelling alone and was concerned it might get in the way of the people sitting next to me but it didn't intrude on their space at all - If anything, I could see them being jealous and wishing they were as comfy as me. My travel must have!"

- Dana

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