"I love your product and it’s an absolute life saver" - @msmamabean

"Each time I feel more happy that I purchased it!" - Lucie, Norwegian Air

"Best gadget I’ve ever used" - Gem & Koa, Emirates

"This is our 3rd Fly LegsUp" - Caroline, Etihad & Alitalia

"I definitely find I can sleep better when I use it" - Marilyn, Virgin

"Totally changed our flying experience" - Sadie, Qantas

"People couldn't believe how long my boy slept" - Shannon, Ryan Air

"17hr + 7hr flights...We had a cute and quiet little sleeping beauty" - @travel, Emirates

"Sleep plus no swollen ankles" - Davinia, Etihad

"A Big thank you to you guys for making traveling with young kids easier" - Customer, flying Eva Air

"A life saver...Don’t know how our girls would have slept without them!" - Laura, Virgin & United

"At 27 weeks pregnant it was an enormous help!" - Isla, United Airlines

"It's brilliant, used it for my leg after my knee replacement...a great asset" - Jeanette, Etihad

"The first long distance flight I didn’t get very fatigued legs" - Elisha, United Airlines

"I loved using it" - EC, Emirates

"Very useful and made the trip more comfortable and worth buying" - Annika, Finnair & Cathay Pacific

"Was worth every cent. My son slept well and we had a lot of space to play" - Denise, Qatar

"Lucas' first time flying long haul and he slept through most of it" - Kei Kei, Emirates

"Mummy and daddy managed to get some sleep too! Mega pleased with the purchase and will be recommending to all our friends and family"

"My 2 boys slept nearly the whole flight from Heathrow to Philippines" - Maria, Philippine Airlines

"Can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing product that has made our lives so much easier"

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