"A Big thank you to you guys for making traveling with young kids easier" - Customer, flying Eva Air

"A life saver...Don’t know how our girls would have slept without them!" - Laura, Virgin & United

"At 27 weeks pregnant it was an enormous help!" - Isla, United Airlines

"It's brilliant, used it for my leg after my knee replacement...a great asset" - Jeanette, Etihad

"The first long distance flight I didn’t get very fatigued legs" - Elisha, United Airlines

"I loved using it" - EC, Emirates

"Very useful and made the trip more comfortable and worth buying" - Annika, Finnair & Cathay Pacific

"Was worth every cent. My son slept well and we had a lot of space to play" - Denise, Qatar

"Lucas' first time flying long haul and he slept through most of it" - Kei Kei, Emirates

"Mummy and daddy managed to get some sleep too! Mega pleased with the purchase and will be recommending to all our friends and family"

"My 2 boys slept nearly the whole flight from Heathrow to Philippines" - Maria, Philippine Airlines

"Can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing product that has made our lives so much easier"

"Often get really bad swelling from flying even just short distances, I had no swelling at all"

"I bought two for our 7 and 4year old and also one for myself...Fly LegsUp were awesome and kids were super comfortable as was I...I had no swelling at all" - Billie-Jo

"Thank you. Made our long journey to...Canada much easier with our 16 month old" Customer, Lufthansa

"Fly LegsUp set is very useful when I fly overseas. My kid loves it" - Ida

"Thank you so much! Very useful, right, convenient" - Customer, flying ANA

"Love mine! Money well spent...My sons slept nearly 9hrs" - Mo, EVA Air and BA

"They slept 9hours...the most stress free flight ever!" - Justina, Hawaiian Airlines

"Our 8th visit to the UK these flights were by far the most comfortable" - Stacey, Cathay Pacific

"My husband has a bulged disc in his lower back and everytime we fly to and from the UK he suffers with bad back pain afterwards and has to have some acupuncture to fix it. This time around, after using the hammocks on both journeys, he didn't even have a twinge"

"Fly LegsUp did the trick 👌" - Anna, British Airways

"Australia to Cork Ireland on my own with my 3 kids, went so well thanks to Fly LegsUp" - Ethel, SIA

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