The Fly LegsUp hammock is the ultimate travel accessory for more comfortable economy class airplane travel. Its unique design allows you to elevate your feet and legs into many different positions, supported by comfortable inflatable pillows 



A totally new way to fly economy and make the most of your space. The hammock attaches to the tray table in front of you. 


  • Adaptable.....Supports you stretched out or curled up
  • Allows you to sleep or rest on your side 
  • Helps reduce leg and foot swelling
  • May help reduce the risk of DVT
  • Ultra light and compact design weighs approx 490g
  • Clips to your handbag, belt or luggage
  • Washable and durable
  • Due to the way airline seats are engineered and where the hammock attaches, using the hammock will NOT DISTURB the person sitting in the seat in front of you 
  • Reviewed by CASA and classed as a carry on comfort aid. The hammock was comprehensively tested for safety and compliance by an accredited aeronautical engineer, to ensure it will interface safely with the airline seat.

    It is not intended for use during critical phases of flight and is not a part of the aircraft inventory. As a personal device designed to make the travel experience better and more comfortable, it can only be used during the cruise portion of the flight. The hammock is removable in seconds and does not present an emergency evacuation risk and complies with all airline safety regulations


The engineering report concludes that, "The Fly LegsUp flight hammock poses NO STRUCTURAL RISK to the seat structure, metal table assembly, metal tray table arms (with table stowed and deployed) or the seat occupied by the passenger. As a CARRY ON COMFORT AID, the hammock poses NO RISK to cabin flammability, egress or cabin safety if it's permitted use is as per standard cabin practices and REMOVED from the seat for taxi, take off and landing." - Jason Hazel (ARN 765973) BENG (Hons) CENG, MRAES Aviation Engineers Pty Ltd.

For a copy of the full engineering report please contact us at

 The Fly LegsUp hammock is more than your average travel accessory – it’s your passport to more enjoyable and restful flights.

 * Ensure when you book your flight, that you have a seat in front of you (not a blank wall) as you need a dropdown tray table to attach the hammock.

Check the position of your seat at  

You can also ask your travel agent to help find the best seat for Fly LegsUp. 




Kids Legsup in Action


Fly LegsUp in action